Making Impact

A daily practice of enriching someone else’s life, with a smile, a compliment, a hug, a contribution, or perhaps something even greater…

The Changers

Beverly is on a mission to change the way we relate to and interact with each other so that we may regain inspiration, empowerment and empathy. Because that changes the world.

THE CHANGERS TV series is about the moments that define the very best in people. Facilitating these powerful transformations is host and philanthropist Beverly Adams, who developed THE CHANGERS as a visual tool to unite people through shared circumstances, at a time that circumstances pull people and communities apart.

But it’s not just one life that will change, it’s two.


In each episode, to help our team fulfill a deserving dream, we bring in a “helper” — someone nominated by friends, family or co-workers — who themselves has a lesson to learn, be that gratitude, compassion, or a reminder of what’s important in life. These helpers think they are doing something for someone else, but only later do they realize the full impact of what they are a part of.

Together, these two very different persons are thrust into an unfamiliar environment that will test, challenge, and ultimately change them, forever. THE CHANGERS TV is positive, life-affirming programming at a time in history where doing good needs to be celebrated.

Watch the full trailer at http://thechangerstv.com/

Everyday Philanthropy

Seeing an opportunity to combine television with philanthropy, in 2005 Beverly founded Beverly Adams Everyday Philanthropy which develops content, events and partnerships that foster connectivity between individuals and important ideas worth supporting.

No matter your resources, you can give back to others every single day. Whether it’s a smile or a compliment, an unexpected gift, or a large donation, making impact on others makes you an everyday philanthropist.