3 Things That 2020 Taught Us

Happy New Year, Changers! As tough as the past year was for all of us, choosing to turn to positivity and reflection facilitates a beautiful goodbye to 2020 and a warm welcome to 2021. I hope that you have started this New Year by reflecting on all of the lessons and opportunities to grow we were presented with last year. I’ve been reminiscing on three overarching words that dominated my thoughts in 2020: time, change, and hope. Despite all of the challenges we faced in 2020, I hope that your own reflection of the positive Impact of these three words in your life will help you walk away from 2020 with a few pieces of grace.

  1. Time – Whether we liked it or not, we spent more time at home last year than ever before. Prior to 2020, this was rarely the case for me! Life was always been full of green lights and the rush of continuously moving to make Change. Being able to press pause and slow life down last year allowed me to acknowledge the gift of time now more than ever. From spending extra time catching up with loved ones, to rewarding my dogs who normally had to wait all day for their much-deserved belly rubs, to relaxing and laughing with my immediate family over popcorn and the latest Netflix craze, I now appreciate the gift of extra time with those I most care about.  
  1. Change – Whether sheltering in place resulted in you becoming a master bread maker or inspired you to perfect a viral TikTok dance, we all changed last year and developed new habits or hobbies. With any change, both small and large, comes acceptance of our capability to grow. Being able to focus on ourselves and the opportunities we had to develop new skills last year, we came out of 2020 with open minds. This is one of the greatest possibilities we are blessed with, the opportunity to Make Impact on ourselves and those around us. Starting this New Year with an open mind set, ready for whatever comes our way, will help us all conquer 2021 and be the best Changers we can be.
  1. Hope – With so many unknowns circulating around us last year, our hope for 2021 remains as strong as ever. Like we do every January, we hope for the best year to come and pray for the abundance of blessed days ahead. This time last year, unknowing how the world would change and how our lives would be affected, our hope was unwavering. I ask for you, my fellow Changers, to continue spreading hope for our community. Hope for the safety of our families and friends, hope for businesses to make it through, hope for our community to stay united, and hope for peace. Together, we will Make Impact on others with our strong hope for the future.

As we reflect on 2020, we realize it may not have been what we expected; however, we were given three important items that can help us move forward into the New Year. We can start off with stronger bonds because of the time we were gifted, a changed mindset because of opportunities to grow, and a relentless hope for the future to come.

Let’s focus on the positives that 2020 has taught us and Make Impact on others through our community of Changers. What positive things did the year 2020 bring you? Share with us in the comments below, then download one of our inspiring graphics to keep your spirits lifted going into the New Year!

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