4 Ways to Show Your Neighbors That You Care

Showing love and compassion for our neighbors and fellow community members is more important than ever before, as we all remember that we are in this together during these unprecedented times. Though acts of kindness can be more challenging due to social distancing guidelines, there are still ways to uplift and encourage your neighbors throughout the holiday season and beyond. Learn how you can make a difference with these four easy things you can do to show your neighbors that you care about them.

  1. Smile Often – When you see your neighbor outside their home, don’t forget to share a friendly smile! This is a simple but Impactful gesture that has the power to positively affect a person’s mood instantaneously. If you’re wearing a face mask, waving is also a great way to show compassion when your toothy smile is covered!
  1. Shop & Drop – If you’re making a trip to the store, picking up a few extra items for your neighbor can show them that you are thinking of their well-being even when they are not near you. Due to the pandemic, items such as toilet paper, disinfectants, cleaning supplies and more have been difficult to find, so consider picking up some of these extra supplies and putting together a care package for your neighbor. Making that extra effort to shop for your neighbor and drop it off at their house is not only thoughtful, but also inspiring for them to pass the kindness forward and Make Impact on others, too. 
  1. Share your Talents – Are you great at math? Know how to play an instrument? Or maybe you speak another language? No matter your talent, you can organize free virtual tutor sessions for your neighbors who want to learn something new. Sharing your talents with those around you can be a great way to forge forever friendships and strengthen the bond between you and your fellow community members. My neighbor, who is a bartender, recently organized a time for virtual mixology lessons available to the entire community. The virtual event was a great way for our community to connect and network with each other while learning something new.  
  1. Acts of Service – Whether it’s offering to walk your neighbor’s dog, mow their lawn or simply retrieve their mail, random acts of kindnesses like these can Make Positive Impact in ways you’ve never imagined. Take note of ways you can help a neighbor by offering to do any simple task for them, and your kind gesture is sure to spread love and positivity across the community.

Strong communities are built on a foundation of mutual love, compassion, trust and respect. As humans, we are wired to innately care for others — but being limited with social contact makes it that much more important to stay connected with those around us in every way possible.

What are some ways you show your neighbors that you love and care about them? Share with us in the comments below, then download one of my inspirational graphics to share with your neighbor to get started with Making Positive Impact today.

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