Choose to be Kind, Choose to be a Changer

Kindness is free, and freeing. It can start with just a smile – a universal symbol promoting positivity that extends through all cultures and abilities. When you decide to take a single moment out of your day to be kind to another person, you’re also doing yourself a favor. Spreading kindness has so many social, psychological, and physical benefits. 

  1. Being kind improves your mood and increases your overall satisfaction in life. Participating in acts of kindness releases the chemicals serotonin and oxytocin in your brain. These chemicals not only reduce stress levels, but they can also increase your trust in other people. Trust is important, and it’s something I’ve learned not to take for granted.
  2. Being kind can also lower your stress levels. Stress impacts your heart. By being kind and reducing stress, you can also reduce your risk for heart disease. When you stop to spread kindness, it helps you build strong bonds with your village and the community around you. It’s one simple way to make a positive impact on your health and the health of others.  
  3. Volunteering, or promoting random acts of kindness can also keep you from getting sick. In a study done by Dr. Kenneth Ferraro and Seoyoun Kim, MS, it was found that those who spent time as a volunteer presented with lower levels of inflammation and illness. Imagine how great you will feel mentally, physically, and emotionally by taking time to spread a little kindness!
  4. Small gestures of kindness make a BIG impact on those around you, as well as yourself. Studies show that being kind to others can reduce anxiety and keep anxious thoughts at bay. Being kind makes you kind. Your positive attitude is like a magnet! People will want to be around you! I know I love surrounding myself with positive people who go out of their way to be nice to others.

You have the power to lift others up. In a world already teeming with selfishness and hatefulness, it is up to US to spread love and kindness. Sometimes, we might not feel like living out our purpose. It’s easy to be overcome by the negativity around you.

During those moments we don’t feel kind or grateful, we must choose to be a light for others in a darkening world. Being rude or mean never solved anything, and it doesn’t help us identify with our peers or promote problem solving. Kindness is rooted in human connection, and when we make meaningful connections with others, we know we’re doing our part to make the world a better place.

Plus, people may not remember what you’ve said to them, but they will always remember how you made them feel. That takeaway alone should remind us all to treat others with respect and kindness. You never know if they’re having a bad day and your kind words turned their life around. It’s worth it. Even if they’re not being grateful for your kindness, you will never regret doing the right thing.

So let’s be part of the solution. Your effort to Make Impact can change the world!

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