How Princess Diana Shaped My Mission to Make Impact

Anyone who knows me well knows how fascinated I am by the royal family — specifically, my love for Princess Diana. Her brave and often rebellious work to raise awareness of mental health and end poverty and youth homelessness resulted in important, positive changes to the royal family’s ways. I have always felt a deep connection with Princess Diana, whose actions and attitude inspired me to adopt her mission and share values, ultimately shaping my future and my path to Making Impact. She proved to the world that sometimes you must rebel for the greater good, which is exactly what I intend to do!

Diana’s unwavering compassion and drive to help others aided in my personal inspiration to Make Impact in the lives of everyone that I meet and grow a community of Changers. As Princess Diana used her role of power to help severely disadvantaged people, I encourage my Changers that Impact can be made no matter the circumstance of your life. She had a huge heart, which she demonstrated through her love for her children and the many charities, causes and people that she came into contact with. Even though she was a princess, she had no issue with hugging the sick and frail. She would often choose to visit the homeless off camera, showing she truly cared and that it was not a publicity stunt. This inspiring woman led the way for me and my Changers to start a new mission and show the world that true change is possible.

Princess Diana taught me that in order to make a real impact, I must not be afraid to speak my mind or break protocol. She did not pretend that life as a princess was all glamour, and often spoke up about the harmful effects of royalty. I admire the courage it took for her to speak her mind and share her real, relatable struggles in her marriage and with her mental health. Because she showed us her emotions and frustrations, the public was able to relate with her on an even deeper level. I strive to use my platform to Make Impact and relate with my community of Changers on the most raw level possible. After all, we are all human beings.

Further, I admire Princess Diana’s dedication to charitable causes. She became a major advocate for those suffering from AIDS, and changed mainstream attitudes about interacting with afflicted patients. She showed us that our differences do note define us, and how important it is to advocate for those in need. While advocating via monetary donations is vital to keep charities afloat, Princess Diana showed us that the act of giving back is so much more than fundraising alone. I encourage each and every one of my Changers to find unique ways to Make Impact on a daily basis like Princess Diana, simply by showing compassion and caring for those around us.

Like Princess Diana, I am on a mission to change the way we relate to and interact with each other so that we may regain inspiration, empowerment and empathy. True popularity is borne out of empathy, not money or media. Princess Diana showed the world that she was not perfect — and that no one is — reinventing how we see the British monarchy and shaping my own future of Making Impact.

I strive to develop content that ignites within others a fire to give back and make a meaningful difference in the lives of those around them. Many people are afraid to show love because they associate it with weakness, when in fact it is a strength to be able to love without needing praise or reward in return. Princess Diana once suggested that we should all attempt to “carry out random acts of kindness with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.” My drive to inspire others’ warmth and kindness can be attributed to Princess Diana, a real heroine that inspired others to live up to their potential. She is truly the inspiration behind my community of Changers and has guided me all along on the path to Make Impact.

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