5 Inspiring Stories That Prove Kindness Can Change The World

5 Inspiring Stories that Prove Kindness Can Change the World

Every day, I make an effort to read inspiring stories about Changers across the world who Make Impact through seemingly small, yet powerful daily interactions. In a mainstream news environment consumed with negative stories, these Changers help remind us all that we should always look for opportunities to spread kindness in our communities, from family and friends to strangers, animals and beyond. We all have the power to become Changers and unite the world —it only takes one single action to begin your journey of giving back by positively affecting every living being on our beautiful blue planet. 

Check out these five inspiring stories that prove kindness can change the world — one good deed at a time.

  1. Rail Worker Goes Above and Beyond – When a London train employee was clocking out for the day, he heard a quick snapping noise that sounded like bolt cutters connecting with metal. Like a true Changer, Abdul El-Gayar went out of his normal routine and ran towards the noise, stopping a thief from stealing a stranger’s bike. Abdul then took the bike to his office and waited for the owner to return to the station for the day. After four hours, the owner returned and retrieved his bike, thanking the Changer endlessly for his dedication to Making Impact. Read more about how Abdul used the power of everyday philanthropy to change his community for the better. 
  1. N.C. State Trooper Spreads Kindness and Generosity – Monica Hines and her family were driving on a North Carolina highway when their car’s back tire suddenly gave out. When she dialed for roadside assistance, Monica was told to get out of the car and wait on the side of the road. While they were waiting, N.C. State Trooper Colby Pridget saw the family in need of help and immediately pulled over to offer a lending hand. In fact, he himself had already been helped out by someone else earlier that day, and he knew this was the perfect opportunity to pass forward an act of kindness. State Trooper Pridget is a shining example of how one act of kindness can spread across the globe. 
  1. Guys Work Together to Free A Furry Friend Stuck in Oil Pit – In a truly tear-jerking video, a group of people came together to save a moose trapped in a terrifying oil pit. It gave me chills to watch these everyday Changers jump into action, uniting with the common goal of saving this moose’s life, even without knowing one another. Now, that is Making Impact!
  1. A Little Boy with a Big Heart – Getting a new bicycle is a dream come true for most kids. However, Chase, a young boy in Memphis who won a shiny bike as a prize from a local bike park, decided that it would be more appreciated by someone who didn’t already have one.That’s when this young Changer decided to give the bike to his neighbor, Daniel. Read more about Chase and his “heart of gold” as a reminder that anyone — young or adult — has the power to be a philanthropist and Make Impact. 
  1. Photography Duo Teams Up to Help Shelter Dogs Get Adopted – These puppy photoshoots are the definition of ADORABLE!This duo is using their creative skills to pave the way toward better lives for so many animals (and the people who adopt them). Talk about Making Impact! Their plan is simple: Go to a shelter and take stylish, professional photos of the pups so that each has a better chance of getting adopted. Watch this video about their shelter adventures, and get ready to meet some fabulous furry friends. 

I love each and every one of these stories because they show the power that everyday philanthropy has on both the giver and the receiver. Making Impact effects positive change on an entire community because kindness spreads, no matter how big or small the good deed.

Join me in the movement to Make Impact by spreading just one act of kindness every day, and watch your positive everyday interactions, like a simple wave to a stranger, turn into lasting results for your community and beyond. 

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