5 Ways To Increase Everyday Productivity

5 Ways To Increase Everyday Productivity

Does daylight savings time affect your daily productivity levels more than you’ve hoped? As the month of November has brought the end of daylight savings time with it, we must continue to find ways to boost our own productivity so that we can make the most Impact on others. Taking the best advantage of our time throughout the day can expand our knowledge, increase inspiration, and motivate others to join us as Changers. Check out these five easy ways to increase your everyday productivity.

  1. Use your commute – Whether you take a bus, train, or car, using your commute to expand your knowledge can allow you to develop and share insight with others on topics you’ve learned about. Instead of playing games on your phone, checking social media, or listening to the radio, try to read up on current news or play podcasts that interest you. There are many podcasts with a variety of topics that will not only motivate you, but also inspire you to Make Change. Though many of us are currently working remotely, our car rides to the grocery store can be a perfect time for us to up our productivity by  gaining knowledge and inspiration from whichever you choose to listen to.
  1. Listen to music that boost productivity – For me personally, working in silence is boring and tiring. I’ve found a few playlists that are specifically made for background music and help boost productivity by helping me focus. Simply search “focus playlist” on the internet and you will find a variety of music that can fill that silence and keep you locked onto your tasks. Whether it be instrumental or upbeat sounds, this music is not distracting and instead keeps the brain actively engaged on your tasks at hand. Listening to music while doing work is scientifically proven to increase productivity and therefore allow you to be the best Changer that you can be.
  1. Write down daily To-Do’s – Make a daily list of things that you need to get done and sort them from most important to least important. Not only does this action help keep yourself organized, it gives you a better understanding of what you can achieve in a certain amount of time and what you may need to spend more time on. Allowing yourself the right amount of time to get things done will leave you feeling accomplished and satisfied. I know I love to check off my list as I complete each task and continue on with my day making the best Impact on others.
  1. Set exciting goals – It’s common to get consumed with daily work tasks, but creating short-term or long-term goals that are personally exciting can keep you motivated. I recently saw a movie trailer for a new movie coming out this Friday that would be perfect to watch with my best friend. Instantly, I made sure to add that into my calendar (and hers) for this Friday’s “must do”. Whether it be something simple like this or even planning a weekend getaway to a new city, setting goals for yourself keeps your mind focused and eager to get things done. And in return, allows us to Make Impact on others as we achieve our own goals.
  1. Share your goals with others – Holding yourself accountable to achieve your own goals can often be difficult. When you share your goals with family and friends, they can become a constant reminder and provide motivation to keep you going. And most importantly, sharing your goals can help boost your own productivity. By doing so, you can create connections with others on a deeper level. When you are held accountable for achieving your own goals, you are also more likely to complete them. This motivation can ultimately allow you to Make Impact on others by inspiring them to achieve their own goals.

Though the sun seems to go down a lot quicker with the time change, that doesn’t mean our productivity levels need to dip. Let’s continue to work hard by creating more value with our time and motivating those around us. Not only does boosting our own productivity Make Impact in our lives, it allows us to be an inspiration to others. What do you do to boost your own productivity? Share with me in the comments below, then download one of our inspiring graphics to keep you motivated in boosting your own daily productivity!

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