4 Ways You Can Improve Your Physique By Making Positive Impact on Others

For many of us, looking healthy is just as important as feeling healthy. Did you know that taking time to Make Impact on others through simple acts of kindness can actually benefit your overall health, inside and out? Becoming more active in your community is a great way to take that extra step towards helping yourself and others during this holiday season and beyond. Check out these 4 ways you can improve your physique by Making Positive Impact on others!

  1. Glowing Skin – Stress is one of the most common causes of skincare issues like acne, hyper-pigmentation and large pores. However, when we Make Impact on others, our brains respond to the feel-good effects of giving back by releasing oxytocin. This natural hormone, which is most often released during intimacy, is associated with feelings of tranquility, serenity and inner peace. It floods the body after we Make Positive Impact on others, helping to decrease our stress levels and leave our skin with a radiant brightness commonly referred to as “giver’s glow.” 
  1. Reduce Eye Baggage – It is true what they say: “The eyes are the window to the soul!” Having refreshed and well-rested eyes can send a positive message to others that you are both mentally and physically present in the given moment. Gifting simple acts of kindness to Make Impact on others has been scientifically proven to promote better sleep which, in turn, helps to decrease the appearance of dark, puffy eyelids.
  1. Smile More Often – I recently witnessed a fellow customer at the grocery store pay for another shopper’s purchase after overhearing that he forgot his wallet in the car. That incredible act of kindness left me and other witnesses with beaming smiles and the inspiration to pass on this contagious positive energy associated with giving. This is just one example that proves the positive scientific effects of Making Impact when we embrace a “Changers” mentality and lifestyle.
  1. Activate Muscles – When we become more active in our communities, we often increase the number of physical steps we take each day while Making Impact. Increasing physical activity can help keep your heart healthy by increasing blood flow, strengthening muscles and more. Choosing to help others gets us up off the couch, and it also helps to motivate others to do the same.

In the words of Winston Churchill, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” Taking the time to help others will always result in steps toward a better version of yourself, 24/7/365.

Which physical changes do you notice when Making Impact on others? Share with us in the comments below and learn more about the proven science behind giving.

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