5 Ways To Reset Your Mind, Body & Soul For Fall

Did somebody say pumpkin spice? Alright, I’ll admit — it was me. I’m a sucker for the pumpkin spice latte (PSL) season, also commonly known as fall. With every new season comes change, whether it’s the leaves changing colors, colder weather, seasonal treats or even unwanted stress levels as the holidays get closer and closer. Embracing change is one way we can face the new season with a strong mind, body and soul, helping better ourselves in order to Make the Best Impact on others. Here’s how you can get started resetting your mind, body and soul for fall:

  1. Incorporate a daily mantra – Creating a mantra, or a few simple words, to keep in mind throughout the day can help keep you focused and motivated on everyday tasks or challenges. One mantra I tend to repeat to myself is “When you GIVE, you GET.” Keeping these words in the back of my mind reminds me of the benefits that being a Changer has on me and those around me. Place your mantra on something you look at each day, such as the bathroom mirror, your favorite coffee mug or the background on your phone, and it will serve as a constant reminder. 
  1. Pay more attention to the food you eat – With the holidays coming, we must be mindful of what we are putting into our bodies. From time to time, we are all guilty of indulging in the many seasonal treats we hold closest to our hearts. However, I’ve learned that making an extra effort to think before eating can create healthy food habits that carry over with you into the new year. In turn, maintaining these healthy food habits can set you on a path for Making Positive Impact on yourself and others. 
  1. Rearrange your living space – The new season means it’s time for a change in scenery. Sure, the leaves outside are slowly changing and the weather is cooling down. But, since many of us are currently working virtually, let’s dedicate some time to changing up our view from inside of our homes. Simply updating decor with a new tablecloth, arranging fall flowers around the house, lighting a seasonal candle or even throwing a cozy blanket over the couch can make you feel refreshed. Refreshing your view from the inside can spark inspiration in yourself, allowing you to then Make Impact on the outside world with your newly found rejuvenation.
  1. Find ways to help others during the upcoming holiday season – It’s common to get caught up in the commotion of the holiday season, but we must not forget that this is a crucial time for Making Impact on others. Donating winter clothes, cooking turkey dinners or even just dedicating time to share your favorite holiday traditions with others can Make Impact in the biggest ways this season. I know I’ll be sharing my favorite pumpkin pie with many people this season, and you can, too!
  1. Get involved with your community – Though this year may look a bit different compared to years past, there are still many events and volunteer opportunities available for Making Impact on others. Whether it’s event planning or volunteering to cook a hot meal, you can Make Impact on your community and yourself by getting involved. The holiday season may seem overwhelming at times, but we can stay grounded during the busy season by focusing our energy on Making Impact on those who are in need in our communities. 

Pressing the ‘reset’ button can spark the inspiration you need to Make Impact on an even greater level than ever before. Together, let’s embrace seasonal changes as they come and take on any challenges with a strong mind, body and soul.

What do you do to reset your mindset for the new season? Share with us in the comments below, then download one of our inspiring graphics and make it your daily mantra! 

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