5 Ways To Make Impact Online From the Comfort of Your Home

When we think about giving back to our community, we usually imagine groups joining together in-person to Make Impact. However, many people are unable to give back in ways they used to before the Covid-19 pandemic, as social distancing guidelines continue throughout the United States and across the globe.

In these unprecedented times, our Changers are turning to the accessibility of the Internet to continue their selfless acts of giving — and the results have been incredible. You too can become a Changer right now with these 5 ways to Make Impact from the comfort of your home.

  1. Write an Online Review – Did you know that 97% of people now use online media when researching products or services in their local areas? That means that online reviews are very important for most consumers looking to decide whether to invest in a particular product or service. Many of us, including myself, forget to write reviews for the places that we visit on a daily basis, like the coffee shop down the road, for example. However, these businesses rely on reviews to help attract new forever customers, especially during challenging times. Take a second to Make Impact on your favorite local businesses by writing at least one positive online review today. 
  1. Email Someone a ‘Thank You’ Note of Gratitude – Spend some time today writing ‘thank you’ emails to your friends and family — it is one of my favorite ways to Make Impact! Receiving a thoughtful, caring note from a loved one can be such a powerful tool for Making Impact, especially among the dozens of spam emails each of us receives every day. In fact, some people receive about 120 emails per day on average, so why not make one of those a meaningful note of gratitude to brighten someone’s day? 
  1. Support Someone on Social Media – Most of us are on social media nowadays. If you’re online and see updates from a friend who appears to be struggling with an obstacle, reach out on social media for a quick wellness check. Depending on the person’s situation, they may not be ready to open up about their challenges. However, reaching out will show that you are there as a support system whenever the friend may need it. Then, maybe the next time you go through a difficult situation, they will be there to help lift you up, too. With over 3.5 billion people registered on social media channels, your reach is truly endless when it comes to everyday philanthropy through social media and the opportunity to Make Impact! 
  1. Sign Petitions for Positive Change that Makes Impact – Do you have a particular cause that you believe in? Our Changers are active in standing up for thousands of causes worldwide, with great success coming from signing online petitions that Make Positive Impact on others. For some inspiration, start by browsing Change.orgiPetitions.com, and GoPetition.com. Signing petitions has the power to change the world through Making Impact — one name at a time. 
  1. Video Call With A Loved One – Take advantage of modern-day technology by virtually visiting with friends and loved ones through video calls. There are dozens of free platforms out there that support video chatting from all types of smartphones and computers with built-in webcams, such as Skype, Google Meet, Google Duo, Apple’s FaceTime and many more. Remember, face-to-face interaction is so important for maintaining relationships and Making Impact on others, and technology now allows us to safely engage in face-to-face contact without being physically present in-person. 

This is by no means an exhaustive list of ways our Changers can give back online, but these acts of kindness are meant to serve as a springboard for getting started from the comfort of your own home. Are you digitally Making Impact in others ways? Share with us in the comments below, then download one of our inspiring graphics to send to a loved one in need of lifted spirits! 

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