Crazy Rebellious Animal Love

Actually, this is a true story that I just heard first hand a couple days ago.  There was a darling 1-year-old puppy that suddenly didn’t “fit-in” to the lifestyle of its owners.  The owners, I am told, live in a very nice suburban community in Dallas County.  My very lovely and caring friend, who works everyday at a prominent and wonderful vet clinic, offered to take the puppy, foster him and find a good home for him.  She asked if that would be agreeable with the owners.

You won’t believe this!  The owners told her no and took this puppy to the SPCA!  How uncaring, unloving, and inhumane that is to me!  However, thank goodness that my friend exercised her rebellious love for that dog and went to the SPCA, had to stand in a very long line and had to adopt the puppy from the shelter!

I cannot believe how mean and cruel some people can be when it comes to animals.  To know of someone who has a special love and heart for them and offered a great win-win solution only to be denied is insane in the membrane!

Please join me in saying a special word of silent thanks to my friend for going to all of the extra trouble and fostering this puppy anyway.  And, please join me in praying that a beautiful family is looking for him to bring unconditional love to them.  Karma is alive and well…I want to stay on the bright side of it!

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