Only Love is the Answer

The collective focus on money and the power we give to it in our lives –seems to be a symptom of much deeper societal problem.  Money is truly energy, and a currency.  It seems to be the master of our day and this time in history.

What I find interesting is the much stronger, unstoppable, and truth behind the energy of love.  It is the most powerful force in the universe but is overlooked by a focus on romantic love and seems to me to be categorized there.

Well, I call myself a VIGILANTE of a new day.  Webster defines vigilante as a self approved doer of justice.  As a vigilante, it is my goal to do my part to bring justice to lives across America by proving that the real power, stability, to build a healthy and positive future is for us to begin to love one another in a way we have never done before.

Everyday, opportunities to give love are abundant, if we open our eyes to look for them.  It is an awesome experience to look for ways to show love to strangers, friends, family members, even adversary’s.

The focus should be returned to the love we each have to give to everyone we encounter, strangers, friends, loved ones, leaders, people we don’t agree with, people who don’t do anything for us in return.

When we own our power, and gift ourselves with an act of service, we are strengthening ourselves with the intellectual property that we are here to share with each other.

Coming from a place of love with each day is restoring to our own souls.  Personally, the more I can do for others, the more I can be a vigilante for the weak, my heart grows with a commitment to do more and more.  You just cannot out-love yourself, because each gift of love you give is also a gift of love to yourself.

I am loved, you are loved, and we rock that love with each other.  That is our only hope; truth and the energy to sustain life on this planet will be there for everyone engaged in this commitment.  So, let’s love like we never have before!

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