Love Eventually

One of the greatest lessons of my life is trying to understand the true dynamics of love. It is complex, simple, true, diverse, and oh so powerful. Love changes everything. It is the most expansive and priceless energy in the universe.

As I continue to look for opportunities to love, not for just the apparent people I am connected to that is my family, I find that the more I feel, give and show it…it comes back to me ten fold.

And beyond my family…friends, acquaintances and even strangers perk up when a little love has graced their day.

It is fair to say that love is the reason for our existence. I have much love for all of the creation in the world. God’s creation. I see love in the eyes of a stray cat and in my pets too. In the sound of the beautiful songs of birds. In the sunrise as it kisses my cheeks.

My only reason for living is to give love and turn the negative dynamics in the world upside down. I cannot wait to showcase this urgent feeling in our next television show and on social media. This determination is relentless and pressing. I want to do my part to make a dent in the world by showing the life changing power of love…eventually!

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