Making New Year’s Resolutions That Help Others

We’re halfway into January, and there’s still time to set goals for the new year. While setting goals for a better “you” and focusing on self love are important and necessary to Make Impact, let’s challenge ourselves to make 2022 the year of helping others. You never know, by accomplishing this goal, we might just feel the love internally as well.

Create a Plan for Success

Before heading out on a mission to help others, it’s important to organize your goals for the year in a way that you’ll be motivated and inspired to stick with them.

  1. Write down your goals: Writing down goals gives a greater sense of accountability and commitment. Studies show that you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down. You can use a journal or write on a marker board that’s in a visible spot in your home, so you pass by the reminder often.
  1. Share your resolutions with someone: It’s true, we’re better together. Once you create your resolutions, share them with a friend and ask that person to hold you accountable. You may even inspire this person to make goals to help others by sharing your own.
  1. Make your goals a part of your daily habits: A term called ‘habit stacking’ is described in a book called, Habit Stacking: 97 Small Life Changes That Take Five Minutes or Less. This strategy, where you group together small changes to create a consistent daily routine, will help you stay on track. For example, if your goal is to text an encouraging word to a friend everyday, try attaching that to your morning meditation routine. Mediate, then sit down with your phone to send powerful messages to those you love.

Find Ways to Help Others

Now that you have a solid plan to set your goals, it’s time to think of specific ways you can plan to help others.

  • Donate an item you don’t use: Make a goal to clean out your closet or garage every other month. It can feel refreshing and freeing! Take a Saturday to organize some of your belongings and consider donating items to a local shelter or charity.
  • Take time to help: Sometimes, we go through life with our heads down just minding our own business. Be conscious of those around you who may need help. Perhaps an elderly person is struggling to load groceries in the car, or maybe your neighbor could use a hand mowing the yard. There are many ways to make a goal to actually see others in our daily routines.
  • Feed the homeless: You can make a goal to help the homeless by purchasing food restaurant gift cards and keeping them in your car for the right time. Doing this will help create a habit to help those in need whenever you see them.
  • Be patient: In a world where everyone is on edge and rushing through life, being patient goes a long way. Make it a goal to be patient in your everyday interactions. Practice deep breathing when you feel anxiety creeping up, and remember what a difference you can make in someone’s life by showing gentle patience.

Can you imagine how much more beautiful our world would be if everyone made a New Year’s resolution to help others? Let it start with us. We can show kindness and love to those around us and make our homes, communities and workplaces a more loving place. Start 2022 with a fresh mindset and a few specific goals to help others. We can’t wait to see how far we’ve come at the end of the year!

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