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Resolve to be an everyday philanthropist in the new year

Hello, 2022! We are ready for all this new year has in store, but more importantly, we’re ready to set intentions for a positive, healthy year of giving back. A new year is a fresh start. A new beginning and another chance to make goals that will not only better your own life but the lives of those around you. Is there really anything more exciting than having a clean slate of time, opportunities and possibilities to use however we choose? That’s the key: however we choose, so let’s choose to set goals that make a difference in the world. Let’s choose to be Everyday Philanthropists as we take our first steps into 2022. Are you ready? Let’s go!

New Year’s resolutions are the perfect way to accomplish your goals. Although you may hear of some people dropping their resolutions by the end of winter, that doesn’t mean they’re not worth setting! In fact, a study published in the  Journal of Clinical Psychology shows that those who set New Year’s resolutions are 10 times more likely to change their behavior than those who don’t set them at all. That’s 10 times more reason to resolve to be an Everyday Philanthropist!

How to Make your Resolution of Everyday Philanthropy, and Stick to it:

  1. Choose a specific goal. Clarity is important when it comes to setting goals. The big picture is to become Everyday Philanthropists, but it helps to keep a goal when it’s narrowed down a bit. For example, make a list of five specific ways you plan to show philanthropy. Then, from your list of five, select two or three that you will resolve for the New Year. Making detailed resolutions will help you stay on track. It’s like saying “I plan to be healthy in 2022.” Well, what does that mean to you? A better way to set this goal would be to say “I plan to eat more fruits and vegetables every day in 2022.”
  1. Start small. Remember, making an impact in the lives of others doesn’t have to start at full speed. When making your 2022 goals, break them down into quarters. Think of it like practicing for a marathon. At first, you wouldn’t set a goal of running 26.2 miles. You’d set your goal in increments. This holds true for resolving to be an Everyday Philanthropist. Break your resolution down into four progressive action items.

For instance, if your goal is to help children in your local community, your first quarter step might be to contact one local organization a week to get more information on how you can volunteer. Your second quarter goal could be to volunteer every other week at one of those locations. From there, you continue ramping up your efforts, and in no time you’ll be a full-time philanthropist!

  1. Make it meaningful. It’s no mystery that setting goals that have deep personal meaning and purpose are easier to keep. A meaningful resolution is one you’ve given serious consideration to and have thought through the benefits of sticking to the goal. Psychiatrist Dr. Michael Bennett says that if we set goals for the wrong reasons, they are more likely to not last long. Setting a resolution that is fulfilling and enjoyable to you will help you continue working toward it all year long.

Resolving to be an Everyday Philanthropist in the New Year is an exciting goal with an endless list of benefits. We hope you’ll take all the life lessons of 2021 to catapult you into this next year of amazing change, impact and a commitment to be an Everyday Philanthropist. We’re on this journey with you, and are here cheering you on with love, support and encouragement. Get inspired and learn  more about Everyday Philanthropy with Beverly Adams.


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